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Cargo Recovery, Load Shifts, and Securement Services in Ohio
Greater Cleveland, Akron, Medina, Seville, and Columbus

World Truck provides extensive coverage in various regions, including Greater Cleveland, Akron, Medina, Seville, and the capital of Ohio, Columbus. By operating along major interstates such as I-70, I-71, I-270, I-271, I-76, I-77, I-90, I-480, and I-670, World Truck ensures efficient transportation connections throughout Ohio. With its wide regional and interstate reach, World Truck is a reliable and comprehensive solution for both local and interstate transportation needs.In the Greater Cleveland area, as well as in surrounding areas like Medina County and Cuyahoga County, including Akron, Medina, Seville, and Columbus, World Truck offers 24-hour cargo services. These services include load shifts, load transfers, overweight assistance at scales, and cargo shifting. Our team is always ready to assist, no matter the situation. We are committed to getting you back on track as quickly as possible and will go above and beyond to ensure your cargo is handled properly, whether it's offloading, weight shifting, or storage.

We offer on-site mobile solutions for overweight freight at Ohio's scales and weight stations. In Ohio, there are 22 weigh stations and truck scales where commercial vehicles over 5 tons (10,000 lbs.) are required to cross the scales if the weigh station is open. The OSHP Weight Stations/Platform Scales Locations   can be found by clicking this link, or you can refer to the Coops Are Open website or the Allstays map locator guide.

World Truck securing coils that have shifted. Load Shift.

Load Shifts

Load shift services are crucial for companies that deal with transportation of goods. These services help in balancing and redistributing loads, optimizing cargo distribution. This ensures better stability during transport, preventing accidents and damage to the goods. By utilizing load shift services, companies can streamline their operations and ensure the safe delivery of their products.

cargo recovery

Cargo Recovery

It is the responsibility of the motor carrier and the driver to ensure that any cargo aboard a vehicle is properly loaded and secured. Securing freight properly should be at the top of any operator’s to-do list. It’s not only good for business, but it’s also good for everyone else on the road. A piece of cargo that isn’t properly secured and falls off your truck can cause serious or even fatal injuries, whether someone runs into it or swerves to avoid it.

Ohio load shifts for overweight freight

Overweight Freight Solutions

An overweight truck will result in an overweight ticket issued to the driver. There are several ways to address an overweight truck issue, depending on the state and the truck’s over weight. For instance, an overweight permit may need to be obtained by the driver or by their motor carrier. The excess weight may also need to be removed by a relief driver.
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